Project Review & Consulting

We can review your project and offer our comments and recommendations. Our team understands all aspects of retail and fixturing as we are in the field for fixture installations and set ups. We can also prepare fixture calculations and plan layouts to create functional environments. We can review a small project that you want to renovate or we can do an entire project from the initial concept/layout through store setup and grand opening. Our services can cost less and take less time to achieve a quality design than working with professionals that do not have our specialized knowledge and design skills in the retail and fixture industry.

Consulting with an experienced retail and fixture design professional before undertaking a new store project can not only be aesthetically rewarding, it also can be financially rewarding. Taking time to evaluate the design that meets future and current needs ahead of time, can save you time and money. Coordinating a good design and layout results in fewer changes and overall reduced project costs.

We provide customized service at a reasonable cost. These services are provided on an hourly or flat fee basis.

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